How to use Jadeco custom edition in your next market campaign?
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Promote your event or your business with Jadeco products, Our custom edition can include your company or event logo, accompanied with unique personalization message that would allows you to offer your VIP quest an unique gift that carry a sense of prestiageness. We can also provide original product design or packaging design service.

All the Jadeco Custom Edition is NFC ready, means that you can have your customers connected to your online content via the Jadeco NFC portal page by tapping their smartphone or tablets onto the Jadeco items(the key).

- Magazines can connect their trial issue page to the Jadeco NFC notebooks & have potential subscripters start reading right on their tablets.
- Cafe can use leather cardcases as keys and customers can tap onto the cardcase and start ordering drinks without remembering any bookmarks or URLs.

And since the premium Jadeco custom edition is something that the customers would actually use and bring around with them, it creates the prefect key for them to be connected with you all the time.

Learn more about how NFC works & the phones or tablets that support NFC.
Learn more about the Jadeco NFC portal platform.
Jadeco is supplying custom leather goods and stationery to different corporate customers including banks & financial groups, insurance companies and law firms. If you want to create custom notebooks, portfolio, badge case, or computer cases for your company, we would be pleasure to discuss with you about your requirement and preferred materials.

Beside the product itself, Jadeco is also offering original design service on gift packaging based on your brand image and marketing campaign. We can provide original design service on gift packaging - custom notebook sleeve, gift box, flyleaf, booklet & etc.

We know that you can benefit from flexibility and faster turn around, therefore Jadeco custom edition start from minimum of just 250 pieces* with custom lead time as fast as 2 weeks#, it allows you to always offer the best gift for your press conferences at the very last moment.

* Minimum might vary based on the design.
# leadtime might vary based on the order quantity.
Each Jadeco custom edition product is built and customized with the same level of craftsmanship as the retail version. And now you can collaborate this quality into your marketing campaign and create your own version of personalized gift notebook, user manual, folder, gadget cases or anything you can think of.

Please contact our sale representative for more information.

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