Just like artist & designers who would put signatures on their best works, when you are carrying your works with Jadeco signature series, It immediately becomes an extension of your creativity, prospective & personality.

Jadeco is about bridging everyone with their own creativity, setting cultural connection between talents and their accessories by offering unique personalization feature on each item. Found in Los Angeles in 2006, Jadeco aims to change the way of how stationery and accessories are being designed and used everyday. It tries to renovate leather accessories design by re-phasing traditional stationery with inspiration from modern design & fashion.

Artists & designers often put their signature on their best works, and carry them around with specially deigned, personalized bags or suitcases. Jadeco believes that you should enjoy the same motivation, putting your best ideas onto some notebooks that personalized with your name, or you can decide how your computer cases should be marked with your initials when you are presenting your works to your clients.


Design has been a group effort here at Jadeco, when a product is planned, designers gain inspiration from fashion, art or music. They combine all these cultural elements with rational, practical & functional designs and after rounds and rounds of refinement, the final design means to deliver the best in look and the most in practicality.

As one of the most pursued quality in Jadeco, lot of works have been done and system has been constructed to make sure that each delivered Jadeco product is built with the best possible craftsmanship. The structure of each item, including the Jadeco stationery, is referring to the same technique that is employed to provide some of the most luxury leather items in the market.

It's not only because Jadeco is using some of the best piece of leather on each piece of Jadeco products, it's also because every single piece of leather is unique and is carefully hand picked based on the specific design of each specific item. Such attention to the material helps to shape your piece of container of talent.